Earn money by getting your first order on fiver | Apply These 7 Tips

How many times have you been struggling to get the orders of your dream clients?

 I’m talking about a million-dollar business here — it feels like I can finally get my hands on it but is that really true? Well, if you think so, then keep reading! If not, just do this. You are never going to be happy until you get satisfied. So without further ado, let me share with all of you how you could get an order from any client in 3 days or less.

Let’s jump right in. First thing first, take out your pen and paper to make sure you have one left of itself (you will need this later). Then let’s start writing those numbers down:

1-50k USD

2-200K USD

3-500K USD

4-1000K USD

5-1500K USD

6-2000K USD

7-4000K USD

8-5000K USD

These are the ones I am referring to because they represent some real money. It means that they are the highest price I wanted for these products. This amount is around $5K — that’s way more than what I would want to spend on these services. Now, let’s move forward as fast as possible to write them back up again. Go ahead — go ahead and write “40”. What does this mean? That means they are selling at a low rate of 4000 USD per hour. Let’s repeat again, we should be looking at something of a minimum price of $4K because when you spend this much then they start losing their value. There are other options that can come into play too such as setting up rates such as 40% higher or 50% higher.

How should you proceed? Do you need to run away? No, no, no, no, nope! There is still hope for us. We have got our work cut out for us now, but don’t worry, there are ways to solve the problem. And those solutions involve taking advantage of things such as creating new and unique listings, increasing your prices if necessary, and making smart pricing decisions. Don’t feel bad though, I’ll tell you, after doing all that you will probably get a lot of great feedback which will help you in the long run. Once we figure out our strategies, we shall see them working for us quite nicely. Now come on, let’s get started. I know it may seem like an insurmountable challenge. But remember this: there is always another day to try and get your job done. The sky is the limit here.


Take full control of yourself and your own potential success. After all, you are only human. With proper knowledge and hard work, everything is just within your reach. Yes, I said it. Work hard!

Create a Business Plan to Follow

First and foremost, it is important to put together a strong marketing strategy. When you create a solid plan then all those things mentioned above will naturally follow your steps. Remember, you can’t rely on anything unless you create it. For example, I have had a few clients who came back twice because they failed to sign. One time I told them that their money was being held in reserve so no matter what they did, they would lose part of it. As a result, they lost $500 and spent all of their limited funds trying to clear their decks. Next year, I would recommend that they take action very quickly. Create a list of all of the expenses you will face while starting your online business. Make a chart indicating where every penny should go. All of the resources will be required to start running the business. You would also want to invest money in research and development. Of course, it would require time, but once created, it will save you a lot of time. Not to mention the cost of hiring an employee.

A couple of recommendations that may help:

Use social media for your website design and optimization. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Telegram, LinkedIn; whatever platform is best suited for your niche then start using it. Build your audience by utilizing organic traffic to generate leads such as through paid ads or by having someone with expertise promote your product on their channels (this might include people who have the authority to give good reviews). Invest in SEO tools such as Screaming Frog, Ahrefs and Moz, as these will allow you to increase your rankings for free and increase organic traffic. Promote your offers on platforms like WhatsApp, SMS, and even Skype. Post your links to your official account in areas that your target audience frequent. Use email marketing to stay in touch with loyal customers and spread awareness. Set up two email newsletters to let your current and future clients know about everything related to your brand. Include relevant content such as blog posts, videos, case studies, social and video content and infographics on your site on all occasions. You can use WordPress to build your eCommerce store even faster when compared to its competitors.

Include Videos and Infographics on Your Website

The internet today has become a big marketplace with tons of information available to users. Therefore, providing your buyers with a shopping experience that makes them fall in love with your offerings is crucial. If you do this correctly then you will stand out among the crowd. A fantastic example is Shopify. They offer several features to add more appeal and fun to your user experience when it comes to buying your products. Some examples are adding text effects, background music, transitions between different views, animation and special filters for each image. To implement all of these tactics effectively, you have to have a professional team of designers who will help you craft beautiful websites and digital products.

Optimize Your Pricing Strategy

Price plays a pivotal role in determining how attractive your business is to your targeted audience. Hence, it is essential to understand and assess your competition. While analyzing competitors, pay close attention to where your pricing stands in comparison to theirs. Also keep track of the number of sales your competitors have generated. By comparing your margins with theirs you can establish whether their strategy works. Keep in mind that there are times when you will need to raise your prices for better profits. Also, make sure you have an excellent review system to make sure your customer base thinks and trusts you before paying over a thousand dollars for the same. Moreover, set aside some extra savings for late payment handling services. Having these measures in place will ensure that you do not miss a single sale that could actually earn you thousands. Finally, pay close attention to those factors which determine your profit margins. Things such as discount codes, bonuses, coupons, etc. all play a role in enhancing your revenues. Ensure that they always remain relevant so it becomes easy for you to manage and update them as needed. As well as having a financial backup to cover the costs of any unforeseen events. Try to strike deals that will attract the largest volume of your potential buyers. The most effective way to do this is by offering a bundle deal for multiple purchases from your company. Doing so will guarantee that you gain more sales without spending a large sum of money on advertising. Overall, understanding your market needs and competition will definitely improve your chances of getting more visibility and ultimately generating more revenue. Here is a simple template that might help you generate leads from both existing and prospective customers:

Here’s an Excel Template that Generates Leads From Prospective Customers:

If you want more ideas about how to generate leads then check out my previous article: 10 Ways To Find & Grow Lead Generation Opportunities Online. Feel free to click on the link below, I have a whole section dedicated to lead generation strategies.

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