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Are you looking for a way to earn money from your own free time? Then, this article is for you. You will learn about the best and easiest ways to make money with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms in today’s times. Over four billion people are using it on daily basis. But this number does not include mobile users as well, which means that there is still an untapped market for earning through apps. As it has been rightly mentioned by Mark Zuckerberg, the world is changing rapidly and the technology is advancing rapidly. So, here we’ll talk about how can you start earning money with your smartphone or computer through fb in Pakistan. This guide will help you grow your business and gain fame in front of your friends and family members by sharing content and making some extra bucks from your spare time. Before reading further, let me tell you all about how to monetize facebook through ads.

How To Make Money With Your iPhone Or Desktop Computer Via Advertisements On Social Media Sites Like Facebook And Instagram

Here are 5 steps you need to take in order to achieve $1 monthly earnings via advertisements on social media websites like FB :

Create a Facebook Page Choose A Niche Consider An Advertising Model Create Ads Post About Products & Services Share Useful Content Answer Questions Become An Influencer Follow Other Users (Not Paid) Take Surveys Leave Comments Comment/Message Add Friends Upload Photos Get Likes Use Hashtags & Tags Set Custom Insights & Alerts Check The Results Optimise For Mobile Test Run Engaging Videos

Creating a Facebook page is very simple. All you have to do is join Facebook, create your account page and add few things according to your interests and then share them with others. It should also be noted that you will not be allowed to run campaigns or promote anything that violates their terms and conditions. Moreover, you will not get any access to your private messages, likes etc.

Facebook allows marketers to choose a niche which they want to target. Just go to settings > advertising > custom audience and select your desired audience. Once you click on “Discover Audiences” link, you will see the list of different categories which have specific keywords that appear at the top. These categories are determined based on what kind of information people browse online.

Facebook gives you many tools which you can use when promoting your product or service. First, make sure that you have a website which is easily accessible and which can bring value to visitors. Now, we will focus on creating ad campaigns.

Facebook offers advertisers the option to create and manage campaign. Facebook Ads Manager is where you need to specify the type of products you want to sell and the target audience so that you can reach the right customers. Here you need to click on “Create Campaign” and then set up desired parameters like budget and length of the video. You can also change the location of the image that appears, duration of the advertisement and then upload the new image. After completing these three steps, you will finally get a detailed report that shows the effectiveness of your campaign. If done correctly, your campaign might even give you great results.

On the other hand, if you do not know about ads manager, you can just create posts and you will be fine. However, if you want some more features, you need to pay for a subscription. There are various ways to do this. To begin, you need to visit the official site of Facebook Ads Manager. After getting redirected to the home page, click on “Get Started” button. Next, you require to fill out the form and then hit proceed. This process takes some time, so don’t expect good results after doing this. After completing filling out all details, now you will have the possibility to create additional accounts and run ads for multiple companies at once.

After completing this step, you will be able to display advertisements along with videos but only if the account has minimum requirements. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to do this. Facebook requires us to follow certain rules before displaying our ads on the platform. Some examples of such regulations are

Do Not Show Any Ads That May Be Illegal

Promote Legal Product Only

Do NOT Display Images Of People Who Are Convicted Of Homosexuality

Do Not Allow Spam Calls On Their Platform While Running Ads

Don’t Ask for Cash Through Scams

Do Not Offer Reviews and Complaints Which Could Lead Visitors To Fake Accounts

Don’t Let Anyone Access Personal Information (If Possible)

Do Not Request Affiliate Credit Cards

Don’t Accept Referrals And Donations From Unverified Sources

In addition, Facebook Ads Manager provides several tools which you can use to make your ads look nice and engaging. One of those tools is called Reel that lets you record videos and photos with images that you think would work best but actually, won’t. Using Reel, you can showcase your creativity by playing around with styles, filters and effects while recording videos. Another useful feature is Live Stream, where you can ask questions to viewers directly in real-time. Finally, it’s possible to add music into your video from the app itself.

Finally, if you are thinking of joining group pages, please note that it is highly recommended against it. Group Pages consist of groups of similar profile or interest and usually belong to organizations that organize communities or forums. They come under the category of micro-influencers because they have a smaller following than regular influencers like IG models who post hundreds of photographs a week. Although, you can become part of a huge community with large followers using affiliate marketing or paid membership programs where people pay for content shared via your social profile. By joining these communities, you will be able to generate views instantly which will eventually feed back into your blog or website. Also, it will let you engage more audiences and find the ones interesting enough to share about your service.

So, if you wish to monetize your profiles by selling links then you have to first identify what you enjoy. Once you have identified the right niche, you can start publishing relevant ads and slowly build traffic to your website using sponsored posts or affiliate marketing.


Facebook Ads Manager is one of the best tools which you can use to monetize or grow your business quickly. Besides, you can create and manage paid campaigns where people pay you for every view, click or message you generate through your brand name. I hope this guide helped you in improving your knowledge and finding ways to monetize your small business. Hope to see you soon. Good luck!

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